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Lisa was able to help me narrow those 8 pairs down to the one pair while I absolutely LOVE!

Melissa M.

San Diego, CA

Lisa did a perfect placement of my progressive RX in my frame. Her price is very reasonable.
I’ve been dealing with Hillcrest Optical for many years; always to my satisfaction.

You will be delighted with Hillcrest Optical.

Ellen L

San Diego, CA

What a great place!!  Stopped in for a quick fix on my old shades and am going to come back for news ones shortly – great selection and the service is worth the time.  Lisa is awesome!!

Scott C

San Diego, CA

I ordered glasses and I loved them ! They are so comfortable and stylish. I love the employee there she was so friendly and very helpful!

Pricilla M

San Diego, CA

Lisa was very helpful and sweet when I came to hillcrest optical for new glasses. I will continue to recommend her to all friends and family. She has a great selection of glasses that she handpicks and something to meet every style and budget. She takes a lot of pride in her shop and customer service.

Carleen R

San Diego, CA

I was able to find the perfect pair of glasses with Lisa’s help. This is a nice little shop with lots of very nice frames. The owner Lisa is incredibly friendly and even stayed late when my glasses came in to adjust them and make sure I was happy with them. Very friendly and fast service. I will definitely come here again.

Miss AK Fam

San Diego, CA

I couldn’t be happier with my new glasses.

I found Hillcrest Optical through Yelp and thank goodness I did. Customer service is FANTASTIC! Lisa is knowledgeable and respectful. No pressure, advice given if asked for it and honest feedback about pricing, the quality of lenses, coatings, etc., and if you really need them.

I have a pricey prescription. After years of doing the Lens Crafters thing – wait for a sale, have to get new frames, hustled buy to this or that, wait two weeks – I finally decided to try something else after I let myself be pushed into and putting up with ill fitting, frustrating glasses for a year.

The frame selection at H.O. is huge – larger and more choices than Lens Crafters! If you cannot find what you want  Lisa will look on-line for you. If you have frames you are attached to you can put your new prescription in them. The pricing was less than or equal to what I had to pay at Lens Crafters. Never going back to those guys.

Hillcrest Optical has my business from now on.

Peter J

La Jolla, CA

Visited H O today and could not be happier. I hadn’t been there in three years but was remembered by Lisa the owner and welcomed with a big smile. I had been using another my insurance company covered but after unsatisfactory lenses, returned to H O knowing I’d be getting superior lenses with a guarantee. Lisa walked me through the fitting procedure, etc. and I left a happy lady.  I highly recommend you giving the place a try.

Judy R

San Diego, CA

I have nothing but great things to say about the quality of work from hillcrest optical especially since I went to jc penny and received horrible service and the wrong glasses. This place is a goldmine. Great selection and wonderful service. Thanks for all your help. you are my go to place


San Diego, CA

After an unsatisfying experience at LensCrafters, I checked Yelp to see if there were any good local optical stores in San Diego. I went to Hillcrest Optical to browse for a pair of cute tortoise shell frames since I couldn’t find any I liked at LensCrafters or The UnOptical. I was beginning to lose hope because I wasn’t finding any tortoise shell frames that I liked AND fit my face well, but Lisa at Hillcrest Optical went out of her way to find a style that I liked.

Lisa was extremely helpful. I’ve never had such a good customer service experience at an optical shop. When I couldn’t find anything I really liked, I described the style I wanted and she immediately began pulling frames for me to try. She was very patient and did her best to find exactly the right style. Not only did she pull a cute pair of frames for me, but she also ordered them in another color just for me to try AND picked out another pair of frames she thought I’d like. I actually ended up going with the pair she chose and not only do they fit my style requirements, but they also fit my face beautifully.

I ordered my glasses and within a week they were ready, which is miraculous since my prescription is super complicated (baaad astigmatism). Throughout the entire process, Lisa called and left clear voicemails in a polite and timely fashion. I highly doubt you’ll find better customer service elsewhere.

Tai D

San Diego, CA

Outstanding service and a really wide selection of frames in this little store tucked away on Thorn Avenue in Hillcrest. A customer since 2012, I so appreciate Lisa’s professional experience and knowledge as well as her help with finding just the right frame.( Prodesign frames suit me the best, she always carries this line from Denmark.) Progressive lenses are expensive and this time Lisa saved me a lot of money by pointing out my new prescription wasn’t that different from the old one. Since the old lenses were still under the warranty she suggested I try that pair on after a few days of wearing my new ones. I’d know then if they would still work for me or not. If they did, that would cost me $20 for new lenses with old prescription instead of another $399 for new lenses with new prescription. I would never have known I had that option unless Lisa mentioned it. Turns out the old glasses were still okay, so now I have two sets of glasses and a set of readers with stylish frames I absolutely love . Yay!

Brigitte N

San Diego, CA

Had a great experience here.  Owner, Lisa, is very knowledgeable.  Shop is small, but they had a lot of great frames.  I am very nearsighted and got the thinnest lens option with progressives.  Have had difficulty in the past getting the prescription right, but they were perfect here.  Ended up getting two pairs.

Pam S

San Diego, CA

San Diego is blessed with a number of excellent optical establishments.  Over the past 20 years, I have been fortunate to try quite a number of them.  Again & again, however, I end up coming back to Hillcrest Optical.  Not only is their selection of frames the most comprehensive (& classy) selection in town, but…THE SERVICE!  The personal attention that you will receive here simply is nowhere else to be found.  I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a kid, but from West Coast to East Coast, never have I found the person-centered, gracious, attentive service that I have received at Hillcrest Optical.

Yes, you can find similar places that are top-of-the-line right here in good, ol’ San Diego, but…why?  Don’t waste your time.  Hillcrest Optical is what you want.

Heck, I was just there today, & the service was as phenomenal as ever.

George M

San Diego, CA

I recently got a pair of glasses from Hillcret optical. Worked with Lisa.

Very good experience. The selection is original and nice, Lisa worked with me on finding the right frame. Actually, we found a frame in a catalog that she needed to order, and that worked fine.

They have several options for lenses, out of which she recommended the right match (not the most expensive one) and competitive pricing. Also very friendly and helpful. What else can one ask for? Store parking? Yes, they have it too …


La Jolla, CA

What a wonderful shop! I was able to take my vintage cat eye frames here — something my doctor told me was definitely going to shatter if they replaced the lenses — and Lisa fit them with new lenses and quickly, too. Friendly service at this cute little family owned shop.

Susie G

San Diego, CA

Really nice place to get your glasses done. Lisa and Sheryl are the nicest ladies and will take their time with you. They have tons of styles and even “vintage” frames to choose from. They don’t have an optometrist or eye doctor that you can get eye exams, but they do have quite a nice selection of frames to choose from. They do have a special when you “check in” on Yelp so don’t forget to check in first. While not what I would call a bargain like you would get at a Costco or Walmart, they do have a better selection IMHO. Plus I’m a little hard on glasses so I wanted more durable frames that can take a little punishment. Cost me about $400 for glasses with matching clip on sunglasses (not those dorky nerdy kind of clip ons, but ones that fit perfectly over my glasses). Small parking lot with about 3 spaces and some street parking.

David H

Carmel Valley

I was given a pair of vintage Ray Bans that are simply adorable but didn’t fit my face. A friend suggest taking them to an optometrist to see if they could adjust them. I didn’t even know this was possible. I stopped by Hillcrest Optical on Saturday they adjusted my glasses and they fit beautifully now. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Incredibly nice and helpful.

Amy W.

San Diego, CA